Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission

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236277AP-1982-0039/2/1982Granted to Nippon Transportation Service, Inc.
240877MP-1983-0024/21/1983Changed name to Nippon Travel, Inc.
279177MP-1985-03111/19/1985Suspended (insurance)
286877MP-1986-0116/17/1986Investigation Initiated re failure to file annual report
410077AP-1993-0135/14/1993Reissued as Certificate of Authority to Nippon Travel, Ltd.
908477MP-2005-13811/1/2005Assessed civ. Forf. For failure to pay annual fee
908577MP-2005-14811/1/2005Civ. Forf. Assessed for delinquent ann. rpt.
936377MP-2005-1483/2/2006Proceeding Terminated
936377MP-2005-1383/2/2006Proceeding Terminated
1026777MP-2007-0242/1/2007Directed to file certificate of good standing and Insurance revoked
1548977AP-2014-2954/7/2015granted to Nippon Travel of USA, Inc.
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